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  • Satin Waist Training Corset with Larger Busts and Hips - Overbust - for 10" Hips to Waist curves
  • Satin Waist Training Corset with Larger Busts and Hips - Overbust - for 10" Hips to Waist curves
  • Satin Waist Training Corset with Larger Busts and Hips - Overbust - for 10" Hips to Waist curves
  • Satin Waist Training Corset with Larger Busts and Hips - Overbust - for 10" Hips to Waist curves

Satin Waist Training Corset with Larger Busts and Hips - Overbust - for Fuller Hips

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    Overbust corset made from excellent quality satin. Steel boned with 26 bones in total : 2 x strong steel busks at the front, each 1" wide, 20 x spiral (flexible) steel bones all around and 4 x flat steel bones at the back. Ties up at the back with strong corset laces.

    Laces - This corset is supplied with black corset laces. If you require ribbons or any other colour laces, please call us on 0800 242 5528 or email us on sales@corsetsboulevardglobal.com.

    Looks fabulous when worn:
    • As a sexy and elegant party outfit
    • Looks stunning with our fishtail corset skirts
    • As lingerie
    • With a dress or skirt for an hourglass figure
    • As a top with jeans, leggings, trousers or skirt
    • For performances/shows - for that "Ditta" burlesque look
    • To improve posture

    Key features of this corset:

    • Fully steel boned (26 in total)
    • Up to 6 inch waist reduction
    • Fully lined with strong cotton
    • Front & Back modesty panels
    • Laces at back
    • Available in sizes 24" to 40" (corset waist size)
    • Front length approx 16" (depending on waist size)
    • CBG Exclusive


    To ensure you pick the right size corset, you need to measure yourself in inches around the narrowest part of your waist and the top of your hip bones. For details on measuring yourself and the relevant hip styles available, please read our guide.

    Fitting - Before wearing, always unlace fully at the back until the busks can be closed easily, then tighten at the back, starting at the top and bottom, towards the waist.

    Removing corset - Always unlace fully at the back before opening the front busk.


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    1. best quality  star rating

      Posted by dannitrapp@hotmail.co.uk on 30th Nov 2017

      Love your product, I have an extensive collection of your products and have never managed to find any other make to compare with

    2. Stunning corset!!  star rating

      Posted by Jackie Shepard on 27th Jun 2017

      I couldn't be more pleased! I still get a tiny bit of flattening but I have quite a large perky bust region...
      I adore the square tummy region. It ensures that this corset covers my lower belly but does not hamper sitting in the least (as this area sits comfortably on the pelvic area) i feel very lovely!!

    3. Wow! Great corset, great fit.  star rating

      Posted by Kaite on 20th Oct 2016

      I just got my corset in the mail and I've got to say- WOW!

      First off, it arrived super quickly. I put in a note that I needed it asap and boy did they deliver! I'm in the US and it still only took a few days. GREAT customer service, even before I ordered when I asked them questions about the fit.

      I was originally concerned that the 40" corset wouldn't be big enough for my hips (I have a waist of 43" but hips of 59") but under their recommendation I got the 40" and it fit great!

      I've had several corsets over my life and this is definitely the best fitting and feeling corset I've ever owned. For the first time (while the boning is very heavy duty and the corset completely "sucks me in") I can still breathe and don't feel like I'm constantly being stabbed by wayward boning, even when I sit. Also, I think because of being made for wider hip-to-waist ratios like mine, I got none of that frustrating "gut bubble" below the corset that I've experienced with others. The hourglass figure is seamless and it makes me feel like a Disney princess.

      I'll definitely be coming back here in the future for more corsets. This was a home run!

    4. If you buy a single corset, buy this.  star rating

      Posted by Ruxandra on 19th May 2016

      As a curvier gal who has only worn off-the-rack corsets until now, I never knew comfort until I tried the made-to-measure version of this. There's an amazing amount of room at the bust and hips, which makes a huge difference comfort-wise. I can bend over, lie down - haven't tried a cartwheel yet but it might be in the realm of possibility, if I could do cartwheels at all that is. One important thing about the hips though is that the extra room mostly goes on the side of the hips, so if you're a bit sway-backed or if you have a large bottom, the size might be good for you but the shape not so much. Other things about the fit: this is quite long as far as corsets go. I bought the 24'' petite version (check the made to order for it) and the busk is 37.5cm(15'') long - 22.5cm(9'') below the waist and 15(6'') above. On one side, this means excellent lower tummy control. On the other, it does mean you might need the petite version to be able to sit down properly - I'm 5'4'' and while I could have afforded the extra inch on top the regular version has, there's definitely no room for the other extra inch on bottom. Also, the top dips a bit at the back, which combined with the roominess means no muffin top at all. Comparing what I received to what I've seen in corset reviews, this seems to have gotten sturdier in the past few years, too - the two main resistance issue I had seen mentioned were the absence of a waistband and the flimsiness of the structure at the end of the bones. Well, if you're thinking of wearing this more often than for the occasional party, you'll be glad to know that it has a waistband now, and that there's about half an inch of room between the end of each bone and the edge of the corset, and as far as I can feel, there seems to be some bent over and resewn fabric there serving as a backstop to avoid any bones poking out through the trim. All in all, this is sturdier, comfier and better built than many 150£ corsets I've seen, the price is absolutely unbeatable, and it looks stunning as well.

    5. Perfect for hourglass figures  star rating

      Posted by Rebecca on 2nd Mar 2016

      This is a nicely made corset. The very first time I put it on I felt very comfortable in it, even with no seasoning. I'm now nearly done seasoning it (maybe 4 hours left to go), and it is really comfortable. I'm slightly pear shaped, so I have to have an A shaped gap in the back, and I will probably remove the modesty panel so it's not bunching. I'm not terribly coordinated, so I seem to always get bunching no matter how I try to keep it straight. I got a size 36, and my natural waist is just under 44 inches, and my upper hips are 49 inches/full hips 52. I got a slightly smaller size than I need right now (have been wearing size 38 but didn't see it as an option to order) so that I can size down, but I can still wear it with it fairly loose (the bust is a bit big for me, since I'm pear shaped, but once I get down to the size I got, I think it will fit nicely). This is a perfect corset for those with fairly large hips, especially those with hourglass figures. It has great shape and is definitely not modern slimline. It truly is curvy but not excessively so. The only thing I'm not crazy about is how the outer corners of the sort of projection in the bottom front are not stiffened, so they may start to curl up as I continue to wear it. If it was either stiffened on the outer corners as well or if it were more of a V shape, then I think it wouldn't be so odd. However, I'm very happy I bought this and look forward to years of use out of it.

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