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Corset sizing - how to measure for a corset

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One of the most frequent queries we get is what size corset do I need to order. In this blog we will try to explain the best way to measure your body to enable you to buy the perfect corset for your shape.

Buying a corset is not as simple as going to a shop and buying a top or a pair of jeans in your usual clothes size, although that is not always as easy as it first appears, or even buying a bra in your usual cup size. For corsets the most important measurement is your waist. Once you have measured your waist you need to measure your hips.

When you measure:

  • try to stand as straight as possible – as my mum used to say, imagine someone has a string attached to your head and is pulling you up.
  • Don’t hold in your tummy – I know that this is so tempting but when buying a corset you need an honest measurement.
  • The tape measure needs to be snug. Don’t pull it too tight or you will create lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, but you don’t want it so loose you can fit your hand in the gap.
  • Measure around the narrowest part or your waist
  • Measure the top of your hips
  • Take your measurements in inches (it will make the whole corset buying process easy and reduce the need for conversion tables).

It is important to be as accurate as possible when you measure so I would recommend that you measure yourself a few times, or ask a friend to help so you don’t have to bend, move about or get the tape twisted when you do your measuring – we have all been there.

So now you have your measurements what’s next…..

Well most steel bones corsets, like the ones we sell, will reduce your waist size by 4-6 inches. If you haven’t used a corset before, or have not been waist training already we would recommend that you choose a corset that is roughly 4 inches smaller than your current waist measurement.

If your waist measurement is currently 34.5” we would recommend you buy a 30” corset.

The next thing to consider is your hips measurement. This will tell you whether you need to buy a 6”, 8” or 10” hips style corset. This is basically calculated as the difference between your waist measurement and your hips measurement.

Using the woman above lets add her hips measurement so:

  • Waist 34.5”
  • Hips 41.5”

The difference between her waist size (as she measured it) and her hips is now 7” so we would recommend a 8” hips style.

If your waist is already trained, or you wish to lace your corset very tightly then you may which to select a corset up to 6” smaller than your waist.

So using the example above again:

  • Waist 34.5”
  • Hips 41.5”

Her corset choice this time would be 28”, but the difference between her hips and her waist remains the same so she would still need an 8" hips style.

I have included some more examples in tables below to hopefully clarify what is written above – however if you do have any further questions please feel free to contact us for more advice.

Without previous waist training:

Waist Measurement Corset Waist Hips Measurement Corset Hips
44” 40” 50” 6”
38” 34” 46” 8”
33.5” 28” 42.5” 110”

With previous waist training:

Waist Measurement Corset Waist Hips Measurement Corset Hips
44” 38” 50” 6”
38” 30” 46” 8”
33.5” 26” 42.5” 10”

So now you know your size, come and have a look at our slenderregular and fuller hip options....

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