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How to buy a Corset for a loved one

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Christmas is coming and you want to buy your loved one that perfect item of clothing but you don’t have the first idea of what size you need to buy. This is a common problem for men and women out there – especially given that what is one size in one shop is likely to be a slightly different size in another!


The obvious and easiest thing to do is sneak into their wardrobe or drawers when they are not around and have a good rummage. If you know that your loved one buys all their clothes from one particular shop then it will be a lot easier – all you need to do is find a label and write down the size – S, M, L or 10/12/14/16 etc for women.

Always remember some people (like me) have a different top size to trouser size so it might be worth having a look at a few items. This is fine if you are just hoping to buy everyday clothing but what about something a bit more personal like lingerie or a corset. For this you need a few more measurements and ones that are a little harder to find.

Firstly for a corset you need a waist measurement – if choosing for a man this is easy as men’s trousers are sold by waist size - sorted! For a woman you might have to look a little harder. Once you have the waist size you need to take off some inches to pick the right Corset – 2 to 3 inches for a first time wearer, 4 to 5 inches for a regular wearer and 6 inches for an experienced wearer.

Next hips sizes – now you might be lucky here and be able to find out a women’s hip measurement by looking at a pair of their underwear. It will be larger than the waist size, and you can use our sizing guide to understand which style is most suitable for their individual shape.

For an extra step it might be useful to note their bra and cup size. This may help you narrow down your choice as to whether an under/over bust corset option would be better, or which may suit based on other people’s reviews. Customers with larger busts tend to go for overbust styles to give them a defined shape, whereas someone looking to push their bust up would go for an underbust.

Once you have the measurements, you can look through the range of Slender, Regular and Fuller hips or just give us a call on 0800 242 5528 and we can discuss the best options for you.

If all else fails – order two – you can always return one! Or if you really want to get it right first time ask him/her to write down all their measurements in advance of Christmas/birthday shopping. Make sure you include everything including shoe size so they don’t get too suspicious!!

Happy shopping!!

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