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Halloween is coming!

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Autumn has arrived and with Autumn comes October and Halloween or All Hallows Eve.

Halloween is an annual celebration enjoyed by people around the world, dressing up in spooky costumes, heading out trick or treating and carving pumpkins. The custom of carving vegetables has been around for centuries and now it has become a craft with more and more complex designs being displayed each year. Around the streets the competition for who can create the scariest or most detailed carving is fierce and it has become almost as competitive as who can create the best costume….

I don’t know about you but I often dread fancy dress parties and the enviable costumes people create. I remember growing up it was all about the homemade costumes – ghosts were simply sheets with eye holes cut into them, witches were black clothes hacked at the bottom to look tatty and torn. As time goes on, life as an adult gets busier many people hit the shops to buy their outfits for the annual Halloween Party but there are still people out there who can create stunning and creative costumes with what they have lying in their wardrobes. If like me you dread the invitations, panic about what to wear and how everyone else’s costumes will be better that yours – stop. We have been racking our brains and testing our crafting skills at designing ways in which you can transform your favourite corset into the perfect costume for Halloween.

Whether you want a traditional witch’s outfit with a sexy twist, a gorgeous red devil or a evil supervillain we have come up with ways they can be created. Hopefully the images will create a spark of an idea for you or just be a perfect solution. Good luck and have a fiendishly good time!

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