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An Unusual Way to Make a Corset

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At Corsets Boulevard Global, we’re proud of our glamorous corset designs. We carry corsets for the casual wearer, the waist trainer and the more exotic user alike. We’re always busy creating the perfect look for our customers with our made-to-order corsets, whether that means changing the size, length, colour or style. While we consider ourselves to be talented when it comes to textiles, we were amazed to hear about a handyman who converted old boilers into corsets for Oxford Fashion Week.

As reported in the Oxford Mail, Jon Harris spent three months turning old copper water tanks into corsets to be showed off on the catwalk. The corsets are made from multiple parts, rather than one piece of metal.

While the corsets may sound rather cold and impractical to wear, they have in fact been fitted with an inside lining and have been lacquered so that they do not turn the model an unbecoming greenish hue.

The complete process of creating one of these boiler corset takes about 100 hours. Models were asked to attend consultations and to take a plaster cast, followed by a number of fittings.

Harris trained as a composite fabricator, followed by positions as both a mechanical and hydraulic technician. It was when he came across a cracked water tank at a friend’s house that his journey to creating copper corsets truly began.

spokesman for Corsets Boulevard Global said: “It’s wonderful to see such innovation taking place. Artistic and technically skilled work such as this is fabulous and shows the versatility of the corset. Whether it’s a practical corset for improved posture or something show-stopping for the catwalk, corsets are the ideal choice of undergarment.

“It would be great to see more invention in the textiles industry. If you’re new to wearing corsets or have been inspired by Harris’ work, get in touch with our friendly team today. We produce made-to-order corsets at off-the-rack prices, meaning that you can truly create a unique corset to match your individual style.”

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