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Corsets from the 20th to the 21st Century

The corset has been a constant for centuries. While Catherine de Medici, Italian noblewoman and wife of King Henry II of France, is credited with bringing the corset to Europe in the 1500s, ancient civilizations in Rome, Greece and Egypt had already depicted women in the garment hundreds of years earlier. The corset’s place as [...]

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Reviews competitions

At CBG we always love to hear what customers think about their corsets and our service - we aim for every customer to be a happy customer!To say thanks to all the customers that are providing us honest reviews, we are starting a monthly competition.To be part of the competition you need to write us [...]

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Corset sizing - how to measure for a corset

One of the most frequent queries we get is what size corset do I need to order. In this blog we will try to explain the best way to measure your body to enable you to buy the perfect corset for your shape. Buying a corset is not as simple as going to a shop and buying a top [...]

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Corset bones made clearer...

…so we’ve covered the underbust vs overbust dilemma, now we are looking at the burning question of bones. The first time you shop for a corset one of the first things you notice are descriptions of single boned, double boned, steel bones and plastic bones. I am sure there are some who are put off by this choice alone. [...]

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Under or over - what's your choice?

The world of corsets can be baffling to a first time wearer, underbust vs overbust, plastic vs steel boned, sizing options. In our next few blogs we will try to help clear up and explain some of these things to assist you with your shopping. Our first blog looks at the question of underbust vs overbust.Obviously the [...]

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The CBG Mystery Bag.....

Throughout the month of May, to celebrate the start of spring and the warmer weather, we are offering the Corsets Boulevard Global shoppers the chance to buy one of our 'MYSTERY BAGS'.The Mystery Bags include TWO different exclusive CBG corsets, in the same size, from our sale range and only costs £40!Terms and Conditions: Offer only [...]

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Tutu or not Tutu……

So, you have been invited to a fancy dress party, a hen night, or just out for a few drinks and have “that” moment when you realise the invite came with a final line you almost missed. “…. see you at 7pm, oh and don’t forget your costume!”Now for some, it is a delight as they are very [...]

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Do we like latex Corsets?

Looking around in the marketplace, there are certainly a number of different, and sometimes confusing, Corset options. If you are experienced with Corsetry, you know what you are trying to achieve and can source the right style, from a simple costume idea, through to an authentic Corset for true waist reduction or a “once in a lifetime” wedding Corset.For [...]

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Win a Luxury Hamper with CBG this Christmas

This Christmas we're giving away a luxury hamper and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is make a purchase (or two!) from our website (http://corsetsboulevardglobal.com/corsets) before midnight on Wednesday 17th December. Good Luck!The boring (but necessary) bit -All orders over £30 will automatically be entered into our prize [...]

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Black Friday is nearly upon us, but what is it?

Traditionally, Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA and is often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. High street retailers taking part have been known to open extremely early, offering large discounts, for one day only.Used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would [...]

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