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Competition time - Where would you wear yours?

To celebrate the recent launch of our new Made to Order service, we have decided to run a competition. We are giving away a Made to Order corset to 3 lucky winners. Our Made to Order service lets you choose your style and then customise the colour, length, laces and trim. We are running the competition via [...]

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How to wear a corset…..

The festive season is now in full swing – decorations up, shopping done (or in my case, thought about but not yet finished). In the rush that surrounds Christmas there are endless office parties which leave you wondering what can you wear to be different this year. Well we have a suggestion - how about a corset? [...]

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Panto Costumes

It’s December already, Christmas around the corner and in the UK, the Annual Panto season has started – oh no it doesn’t we hear you cry! It seems that although some of the American trends at this time of year (black Friday for example) are being introduced into our culture, somethings like Pantomimes have yet to make their way [...]

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How to buy a Corset for a loved one

Christmas is coming and you want to buy your loved one that perfect item of clothing but you don’t have the first idea of what size you need to buy. This is a common problem for men and women out there – especially given that what is one size in one shop is likely to [...]

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Halloween is coming!

Autumn has arrived and with Autumn comes October and Halloween or All Hallows Eve. Halloween is an annual celebration enjoyed by people around the world, dressing up in spooky costumes, heading out trick or treating and carving pumpkins. The custom of carving vegetables has been around for centuries and now it has become a craft with more and more [...]

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Why Should I Purchase a Regular Corset?

Some things are destined to stay around for a long time, remaining popular from generation to generation. This certainly applies to corsets from past to present. They are thought to have originated from Italy in the 16th century and in the next 100 years they were garments regularly worn by women and girls across Europe. [...]

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An Unusual Way to Make a Corset

At Corsets Boulevard Global, we’re proud of our glamorous corset designs. We carry corsets for the casual wearer, the waist trainer and the more exotic user alike. We’re always busy creating the perfect look for our customers with our made-to-order corsets, whether that means changing the size, length, colour or style. While we consider ourselves [...]

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Five Films Which Highlight the Splendour of the Corset

The influence of the silver screen is not to be underestimated. The elegant look the garment gives has been displayed at its best in everything from lavish period dramas to big budget films. Whether providing structure to a beautiful ball gown or as underwear beneath an everyday outfit, the corset has taken centre stage in [...]

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How to Colour Match Your Corset with the Rest of Your Outfit

Corsets are not just a garment worn under your clothes to give you a great shape or with lingerie for a sultry boudoir look. They can also be teamed with jeans, skirts or jackets for a great day or night outfit. R&B star Christina Milian was recently spotted on the streets of Los Angeles [...]

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